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PVCS NEWSLETTER 3-19-2015 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Meiju Lee   
Thursday, 19 March 2015 09:09

Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)

本周为春季期中考试,请各位家长协助或提醒学生准备考试。考试完后,在第三节课有颁奖活动。之后,教务长贴心的为小朋友们准备了捡彩蛋活动,但她一人力量有限,所以若有家长也愿意捐赠一些已放置好内容物的彩蛋, 让小朋友能更开心的参与这个活动,我会非常感激。教务长目前准备了450个彩蛋,我们目前有150个学生,所以目前的数量是一人三颗,希望大家一起共襄盛举啊!!


运动会持续报名中,希望大家踊跃支持!!今年是4月25日举行。PVCS已经连续多年夺得精神总锦标的殊荣,希望今年大家也可以踊跃参加。我们从本周开始报名,截止日为4月1日。若想知道详情,请参考http://www.scccs.net/events/event39/Sport/SportMain.htm 今年50公尺和100公尺的每组参加得胜者都可以得到奖金$100,这是学校多年的一个传统,希望大家能踊跃参加!如能突破历史最佳参赛纪录,可得$1000奖金。报名表已发给每位学生,若仍没看到,请参阅附件!参加运动会的所有学生,在隔周也都可享有专属的Ice Cream Party.  

本周日参加校外演讲比赛的学生,参赛时间已经出炉。详情请参考http://www.scccs.net/events/event39/Speech/39th_Spring_Registeration_sort%20by_school.pdf 也请各位家长帮忙孩子加紧练习。请于比赛时间 20-25分钟前到达Arcadia High School.  到达后请至校区中央找本校的Banner, 向鲍董事长领取号码牌。 请学生穿着正式一点的衣服,不要穿牛仔裤。有任何问题,可在之前和我联系:(626)64-3484。当天有问题,就请洽鲍董(951)660-7788。

This Saturday is the mid-term exam for the Spring Semester.  Please help and remind your child to prepare for the exam.  After the exam, there will be an assembly for student of the month award at 11:00am.  After the assembly, our sweet Dean prepare an Egg Hunt event for our PVCS students to enjoy before our spring break.  She has already prepared 450 eggs, but currently we have 150 students enroll in PVCS.  PVCS will really appreciate if parents can donate ready to give away eggs to make this event more fun and unforgettable.  

There will be spring break next week so PVCS has no school on March 28th, 2015.  

One of the biggest events for PVCS is the Chinese-American Track and Field Competition.  Please come to the office this week to sign up for your child.  This year the event is held on April 25th.  PVCS has been honored as the Best Spirit Team for many consecutive years.  PVCS really encourages all the PVCS families to participate in this event.  If you have any questions about this event, please come to the office or check at http://www.scccs.net/events/event39/Sport/SportMain.htm  The biggest surprise and reward for this year is all the winners in 50M and 100M track running group will get $100 as a reward.  Whoever breaks the record of 100M will win $1000.  I have already sent home the registration form.  Please fill it out and send back to the office ASAP.  The registration form is also attached with this email.  



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