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PVCS First Day of School on Aug. 29th. 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Meiju Lee   
Thursday, 27 August 2015 23:31

Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)

这星期六(8月29日)是我们的开学日。学校的地址是 9974 19th Street, Alta Loma, CA 91737,当天的时间安排为:

9:00AM-10:00AM     师生相见欢/註冊,繳費,領書,買制服
10:10AM-11:00AM   老师家长座谈会
11:10AM-12:00PM    开学典礼




随 信也附上本学期收费标准及第一天开学注册、缴费、与领书的流程。今年未注册的家长请先至办公室内注册。注册但未缴费的家长请在办公室外缴费。缴费完后,才 可拿领书单领教科书。缴费但须领书者也请至办公室外领书。若您不确定您想要给小孩就读的班级,请先别领书,或是不可在教科书上做认何记号,一但教科书或作 业被书写使用过,则不可退换。




This Saturday (Aug. 29th) is our first day of school.  Our campus is located at 9974 19th Street, Alta Loma, CA 91737 in Alta Loma Christian School.  The following will be the schedule of the first day.

9:00AM-10:00AM     Teachers announcements in the classrooms/
Registration, Tuition Payment, Textbook pickup, and Uniform  
purchasing in the office building.

10:10AM-11:00AM    Parent-Teacher Conference.
11:10AM-12:00PM    First day of School ceremony.

PVCS staff is trying our best to prepare this big day for our families.  We will need lots of parents to volunteer for the first day registration, uniform selling, and traffic control.   If you are interested and willing to help, please contact me or come early that day.

Two important announcements, first, please let your child wear uniform every time when he/she attends the school.  Your child’s safety is our priority, and this campus has a much bigger open field for students to play.  Please help us to protect your child’s safety.  In addition, there is no food allowed in the classrooms. 

The following attachments including campus classroom directory, first day of school directions, and also our different tuition fees are attached to this email.  Please come to the office (purple area) first to get information, pay tuition, and pickup textbook.  Due to different textbooks we are using this year for bilingual 2 and 3 classes, we charge $30 more for the textbook material fee for each student.  College accreditation class will charge $200 more for each student.  Please refer to the attachments with detail tuition info. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or come to the office this Saturday. 

If you are still not sure which class you want to enroll your chid, please do not write or make any marks on the textbook and workbook.  We will not be able to exchange those marked books. Instead, you will need to purchase a new set of books.  Thanks for your understanding. 

For our new parents, please refer to the attached campus map and come in from the gate (blue) and drive through the driveway.  Park your car in the parking area (green).  Go to the Office (purple) for all the information you need.

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