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  1. 本週為秋季的期末考,也是2017年的最後一堂課!在這週最後一堂課時,將會在禮堂頒發優良學生獎狀,以及介紹馬上到來2018年學校的活動!

1/14/2018, 星期日,上午9:30, 寶爾博物館field trip.  學生每人$10, 家長每人$25 (若超過30位成人則為$15)參觀主要分為兩部分,一個是兒童館的“高科技数字游乐园全球巡回展:未来游乐园 – 艺术与高科技”,http://admin.wechat.com/s?__biz=MzUxMDAxMzcwOQ==&mid=2247483941&idx=1&sn=2724bcdc1ba9b46196c2929b76d0e0fe&scene=38#wechat_redirect  非常棒的一個展覽。另一個是“慈禧太后颐和园个人生活展”,届时将展出126件/套珍贵文物,有袁世凯敬献给慈禧太后的“中华第一车”、慈禧御笔的书画、御用的大雅斋陶瓷、穿过的盆底鞋,以及外国使节赠送的精美礼物等等。http://www.bowers.org/index.php/exhibitions/current-exhibitions/486-empress-dowager-cixi-selections-from-the-summer-palace

宝尔博物馆地址是2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA92706  網址是:www.bowers.org

因為馬上就放假,為了統計人數,請用下面的link 在網上報名,以方便統計人數。其他的細節我會再繼續以email 跟大家報告。https://goo.gl/forms/xxa9KULWn8hEH3TJ3




This week is PVCS final week of our fall semester.  Please help your child to prepare their final test and also join us from 11am to 12pm tomorrow for our award assembly.   PVCS will also announce important events that coming up in 2018.

PVCS will hold our Bowers Museum family field trip on Sunday, 1/14/2018.  It’s 9:30am at  2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA92706.  It’s $10 per student, and $25 per adult ($15 if we can have more than 30 adults in our group)  The two main exhibitions that we are visiting are the exhibition of TeamLab and the exhibition of Empress Dowager Cixi .   This is the information about the exhibitions:  http://admin.wechat.com/s?__biz=MzUxMDAxMzcwOQ==&mid=2247483941&idx=1&sn=2724bcdc1ba9b46196c2929b76d0e0fe&scene=38#wechat_redirect


Because PVCS will have a 3 week winter break, we will use the google form to sign up for the Bowers museum field trip activity.   Please use the following link to sign up your family if you are interesting in going to these exhibitions.  https://goo.gl/forms/xxa9KULWn8hEH3TJ3

PVCS will also have a Chinese New Year Carnival event on 2/24/2018.    PTA wants each class to be able to provide one game booth and one food booth from our parents.   PVCS will send home more detail information after the holiday.
Last but not least,  hope all our PVCS families have a happy holiday!!


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

Pomona Valley Chinese School 普慕納中文學校

Mailing address: PO Box 1611, Upland, CA 91785
Campus address: 9974 19th Street, Alta Loma, CA 91737
voicemail only: 909-276-PVCS (909-276-7827)