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Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)

9/29/2018 秋季烤肉活動,是potluck 形式,參加的家庭各帶一道菜,至少是half tray size 的份量,請家長至辦公室跟家長會會長登記幫忙或要帶的食物!BBQ party 地點是在學校辦公室後方patio area potluck and bbq. PVCS and PTA 會提供電影跟遊戲在辦公室內玩,但辦公室內禁止飲食!

本週開始CFL 愛班會調換教室,請見附件!


下週即將是中秋佳節,想替PTA 籠絡一下家長人氣。校長願意做個冰皮月餅教學,做完就可以吃月餅喝茶,有興趣的家長可以來辦公室報名,我好準備材料!!



PVCS will have our annual fall BBQ party on September 29th at 4:30pm in the back of our office patio area and it’s a potluck style with the BBQ that PTA helps to prepare. This event needs lots of parents involve to help. Please sign up the volunteering and dishes you plan to bring with our PTA in the office this week and next week. Thank you so much!!

Starting from this week, the CFL-Love class will switch their classroom to Room 9. Please remind your child to keep the classroom as clean and original as possible. Please see the attachment for the updated classroom location.

The following attachments are regarding to a drawing contest and a swimming meet. Please let me know if you have any questions to understand but interest in letting your child to participate.

I would also like to hold a moon cake making event at school next Saturday. If you are interesting in learning how to make the moon cake in a easy way, please come to sign up in the office so I can prepare the materials.

PVCS also would like to ask for snack donations again this school year. We prefer boxes of crackers. PVCS tries to save the expenses in order to provide more activities for our students. If you know your child love the recess snack time in Chinese school, please donate a box or two of crackers to the school to help us continue to provide snacks during recess to our students.

Once again, thank you for your continuing support of PVCS!!


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

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