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Dear All PVCS Parents,

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April 6—
April 13—校際演講朗誦比賽
April 20—運動會行前會
April 27—海華運動會–Walnut High School

一年一度的海华运动会又到了!!海华运动会今年将于4月27 日在 Walnut High School 举行,希望大家能共襄盛举。運動會當日穿著藍色校服與白褲子。從本週開始,週六8:30-9:00早上在學校練習跑步接力、週日9:00-10:30在Claremont High School 練習跑步接力。


南加州中文学校联合会将与暑假6/29/2019-7/6/2019在YMCA Camp Oaks, Big Bear 举办夏令营,详情请至http://summercamp.scccs.net/apply-now/ 填写报名表!

PVCS April Calendar
April 6—
April 13—School Speech Contest
April 20—Track and Field event pre-meeting
April 27—Track and Field Event–Walnut High School

One of the biggest events for PVCS is the Chinese-American Track and Field Competition. This year the event is held on April 27th in Walnut High school. PVCS really encourages all the PVCS families to participate in this event. All the participating parents and students are all wear top school uniform and white pants. PVCS will start our T&F practice every Saturday morning at 8:30am at school field and every Sunday from 9:00-10:30am in claremont high school in April before the track and filed competition.
PVCS Spring Academic Contest will be coming up soon. The following link is the information about the contest. http://www.scccs.net/events/event43/SpringContest/SpringContestMain.htm

The summer camp from SCCCS are holding this summer in YMCA Camp Oaks in Big Bear. The Date is from 6/29/2019-7/6/2019. Parents can sign up at http://summercamp.scccs.net/apply-now/ It’s a very fun activity which involved both Chinese and Western culture. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

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