PVCS Newsletter 10-18-2019 中文學校活動訊息

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Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)

南加州中文学校联合会即将举办秋季学术比赛,内容有作文比赛,写字比赛,翻译比赛,以及海报绘画比赛。比赛题目都是当场才会公布。有兴趣参加的学生请跟我报名,报名费自付。详情请见 http://www.scccs.net/events/event44/Fall/FallMain.htm

中文学校将在11/10/2019举办一个校外旅游,地点是Oak Glen Preserve. 免费参加,但因家长会会准备简单的三明治,我们需要统计人数,大家自行开车前往,详情请参阅附件。

中文学校家长会在办活动时,一直不遗余力,但也需要大家帮忙出钱出力。email 里有另一个附件是家长会的捐款,金额不限,大家如果觉得我们活动办得好,也请不吝给我们家长会长一些掌声,一句赞美,一些捐款支持,您的帮忙,会让我们更有动力!!所有的捐款,都可以抵税,再次谢谢您的支持帮忙!家长会也持续在销售大华超市与Krispy Kreme 礼卡,大家都可以到办公室购买!


PVCS PTA has planned a field trip on 11/10/2019. It’s a free event to participate but please sign up with the PTA so our PTA can prepare enough simple sandwiches for everyone. Also our PTA has been helped and provide lots of different activities through out the whole school year, and would like to ask for everyone’s help if possible. The following attachments are the information about our coming up field trip and also a PTA donation letter. PVCS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization. All your donations can be Tax Deduction and An official receipt will be provided to all donations. PTA also sell the 99 Ranch Market and Krispy Kreme gift cards in our office.

Once again, thank you so much for all your help and support and hope we will see everyone in all our future events.


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

校外旅游 Oak Glen Preserve

2019 PVCS Autumn Outing–Oak Glen Preserve

家长会的捐款 PTA donation

191010 PVCS PTA Donation