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Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)


1. 普慕纳中文学校新春园游会


Presale package A and B
(A.) 1 All you can play wristband ($15 value) + $20 Spending tickets= $30
(B.) $20 spending tickets +2 raffle tickets= $20

( before 2/1/202020)
可购买食物,各種礼品,小朋友喜歡的充氣式跳床。现场也有抽奖,也希望大家能捐赠礼品,奉献时间,这个活动,我们非常需要大家的帮忙支持,我们希望既热闹,又好玩,也希望大家能一起呼朋引伴来参加。现场有好吃的,好玩的,若您有特别的拿手菜愿意拿出来卖,也欢迎加入!详情请见附件, 傳單也已經都在每個週六有來上課的學生書包裡了!

2/ SAT 模拟考试办法已经出炉,$10一名学生,3月7日为考试日期。欲报名的学生请向各班老师登记。

1. The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and PVCS will have our annual Chinese New Year celebration in Carnival Style this year.  PVCS will have games booths, Food, art and crafts, and much more.  Each class will be responsible for one game booth and one food selling booth.  Please help your room parents and teachers to organize your class booths if possible.  We also have business promotion booth if you are interested.  This year we will have two presale packages A & B ( before 2/1/2020)
(A.) 1 All you can play wristband ($15 value) + $20 Spending tickets= $30
(B.) $20 spending tickets +2 raffle tickets= $20

We also have raffle tickets for sale and if you have any items that want to donate for our raffle, we will be really appreciated.  The detail information has already sent home and you can refer to the attachment with this email as well.

2. SAT Chinese Mock test is holding on campus on March 1, 2020.  If you are interested in taking the test, please contact your class teacher.


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

Pomona Valley Chinese School 普慕納中文學校

Mailing address: PO Box 1611, Upland, CA 91785
Campus address: 9974 19th Street, Alta Loma, CA 91737
voicemail only: 909-276-PVCS (909-276-7827)
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