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Pomona Valley Chinese School is a Federally-registered 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization,As such, your gifts to PVCS may be tax deductable (consult your tax professional) We need your help on :

普慕纳中文学校是非盈利性的组织,您给予学校的馈赠也许可以抵扣税款(请咨询专业人士)。 以下任何的帮助我们都会很感激的。

Volunteer  志愿者 

                Any volunteer is welcome


Fundraising 募款

                √ Shop at Amazon

                √ PVCS uniforms online

                √ Cafepress 

                √ PVCS Gift

                 √ Fundraising through scrip (礼卷)

  1. All families are asked to contribute a scrip deposit. PVCS holds your deposit in escrow, and collects interest to supplement our operating costs.
  2. Families that purchase scrip will get their deposit refunded at the end of the school year. The amount that is refunded depends on the amount of scrip you purchase.
  3. When you pay for services or products using scrip, a portion of the profits are donated to PVCS.

We have many different scrip vendors available:

 Aside from monetary gifts, we also accept small items that could be used as prizes for outstanding students or usable office equipment.


Please contact the principal for more information on charitable donations to PVCS.