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Registration 注册方法

1. Registration date 註冊日期: Open registration generally starts in April of each year. Please come to the Chinese school office on Saturday to register in person. Returning students who register (either in person or online) prior to the end of the previous school year can get their registration fee waived. 四月起在學校辦公室直接報名或在网上报名。学期结束前报名之旧生,可免除注册费。

2. You can now register online. Click on the blue “Register online” button to begin. Payment must be sent in by postal service to complete your registration; see below. 最近也新增设了线上注册。线上注册者之注册费及学费仍需用邮寄,请见以下说明。


3. Bring your check payable to Pomona Valley Chinese School (please do not abbreviate as PVCS) to the school office.

请将报名表填好,连同报名费邮寄至以上地址。支票抬头请写 Pomona Valley Chinese School (请勿简写 PVCS).

4. The registration fee is non-refundable. If academic withdrawal is requested within the first two weeks of the school year, 80% of tuition will be refunded. Refunds will be pro-rated after the first two weeks. 注册报名费恕不退还。開學兩週內退學者,可退80%學費,第三週後則按比率退費。

Tuition and fees 学费说明:

1. Registration fee 注册费: $40.00/student. This fee is waived for returning students if their registration is postmarked or done in person before June. 1. 注册费定为每人$40.00。 在6月1日前注册之旧生可免除注册费。

2. Materials fee 材料费:

  • Classes 1-3 一班~三班: $45.00/student. Includes textbooks, workbooks, flash cards, CDs, and extra materials. 材料费定为每人$45.00。包括课本,练习本,光碟片,及其它上课材料。
  • Classes 4-6 四班~六班: $45.00/student  Includes textbooks, workbooks, flash cards, and extra materials. 材料费定为每人$45.00。包括课本,练习本,及其它上课材料。
  • Textbooks and materials for accreditation class, college credit class, and SAT2 preparation class will be designated by the teachers. Announcements for these fees will be once the school year begins. 高中学分班,大学学分班和 SAT2 准备班的教材由各班老师自己决定,开学后会再宣布。

3. Tuition and refundable deposits 学费及保证金:



Scrip deposit


Volunteer work deposit


Materials fee




Family total


1st child 第一个小孩 $485 $20 $40 $45 $590 $590
2nd child 第二个小孩 $465 $10 $35 $45 $555 $1145
3rd child 第三个小孩 $445 $5 $25 $45 $520 $1665
4th child 第四个小孩 $445 $5 $25 $45 $520 $2185
  • All deposits will be kept in escrow in a PTA bank account. The interest income acquired will be used as supplemental funding for school activities.保证金将寄放家长会之银行账号,利息则归学校之运作经费。
  • PVCS requests that all families purchase scrip so that PVCS can earn supplmental income to fund school activities. Scrip deposits will be refunded once the required scrip purchases are made ($600 for families with 1 child, $1000 for families with 2 children, and $1200 for families with three children. 禮券購買保証金係鼓勵家長以購買禮券的方式,來補助學費的不足。有一位學生的家長,请購買禮券滿 $600.00元者, 有兩位學生的家長,请購買禮券滿 $1,000 , 有三位或三位以上的家長,请購買禮卷滿 $1,200.00元者。
  • As PVCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all parents are encouraged to participate in voluntary intra-school work; please speak with a PTA representative or refer to PVCS Parent Service Point & Check List for details. Volunteer work deposits will be refunded when all chosen voluntary work is completed. 由于本校系非盈利组织,希望所有的家长能够参与各项所需的服务项目。詳情請洽家長會。 請各位家長於註冊時填交家長服務志願表,方便學校安排工作,謝謝您的合作。