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Dear All PVCS Parents,

(See below for English version)


这段时间,希望大家彼此在家跟家人都一切安好!目前学校规划从4/4/2020会正式开启第一次线上课程,详细的教室号码,我们会请老师之后以email 发出。课程会一直进行到5/16/2020。我们目前停课了两周(3/14,3/21), 下周3/28 是原本我们的春假,本来就不上课,而四月份原本4/18运动会,5/16期末表演都是不上课的,所以我们将用那两周补齐所有的课程。

1.如果使用电脑,请到 点join a meeting, 然后输入老师给的meeting ID, 或是直接点击老师email 给的连结。
2.若使用平板,请在家里的平板装上ZOOM 这个app, 无需注册。
3.如果您是使用手机,(但这是我最不建议的方式,尤其是年纪比较小的孩子)除了在手机下载Zoom 的软体外,我会建议看看能不能连结至家中电视,孩子直接对着大荧幕上课,效果会好很多。

我们目前正在如火如荼的准备线上课程,但因为是第一次,对大家都是个新的试验与挑战,我们目前规划先启动每班2个40分钟的session, 也就是开课时间会是4/4/2020周六上午

09:30-10:10 第一节课;  10:10-10:20 中场休息; 10:20-11:00第二节课

在第一次上课后,我们老师端会立刻做检讨,也会发survey 给家长看看学生在家学习的反应如何,我们再来做调整。



Dear all PVCS families,

Hope everyone is safe and healthy in our big family. PVCS currently plans to do run the online class starts from April 4, 2020. According to our school calendar, we missed two weeks instruction weeks (Mar. 14 and Mar. 21) and next Saturday ( Mar. 28) we have originally scheduled as spring break. We will make up these two weeks on April 18( originally it was Track and Field event) and May 16( originally it was year end performance). Currently what we want parents to help to prepare is the electrical device for our child child to use when we gonna to have the class after two weeks. We are gonna to use “ ZOOM” as our teaching platform. No registration required.

1. If you child is going to use the computer, either click the link the teacher provides or go to the to click “JOIN A MEETING” and type in the meeting ID.
2. If you child is going to use the iPad or other tablet devices, please download the “ZOOM” from the App Store.
3. If your child is going to use the cell phone (the very last resource I would recommend unless you can connect to your TV screen, especially for the younger kids), please also download the “ZOOM” from the App Store.

Due to this is our first time to try the online teaching method, we also adjust our instruction time to see how it works. Currently we plan to have the instruction time as follow:
09:30-10:10 First Period
10:10-10:20 Break
10:20-11:00 Second Period

PVCS team will discuss how it goes right after our first online teaching day, and we will also send out the survey for you to help us to see how we can improve or help from your point of view.

If you have multiple children registered in our school, please help each child to prepare their own device to use in order for them to go to their own classroom on 4/4/2020. All the detail classroom meeting ID will send out through your child’s teacher later before the class starts.

I know it’s a difficult time for all of us, and please don’t hesitate to contact me or our team if you need any further assistance or anything. PVCS are always here and willing to serve this community. Thank you so much for your support and understanding during this special period of time and let us all grow stronger after this!!