PVCS Important Announcement 中文學校重要通知:New campus address 新校址

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首先要通知大家一个重要的消息,我们换新的校址了!基于原本学校一些使用上的限制,在短时间内可能无法解决改善,我们也很幸运的在附近立刻寻觅到新的地点,教室空间宽敞,相信大家会喜欢。只是教室有些位于2楼,请家长提醒学生注意安全,上下楼梯不要奔跑打闹!新的校址是:9090 19th St. Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701 ,上课时间是周六上午9:00-12:00。其他的详情已注册的学生家长们都会收到各班老师的通知,当天校方也会在新校园的中庭回答大家的问题,我们大家本周六(9/16/2022)见!

Dear all PVCS families,

PVCS would like to announce an important message that we move to a new location as our 2022-2023 campus.  The new campus address is:  9090 19th St. Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701 and the instruction hours is 9am-12pm every Saturday.  We will have a bigger classroom space in this new location and we can’t wait to have more gathering events happening in this new location.  Some of the classrooms in this location are on the 2nd floor, so please remind your child to pay attention when walking up and down on stairs.  All the registered families will be expected to receive email from your Child’s teacher before the class starts.  We can’t wait to see all our new and returned students back to campus again.  See you all on this coming Saturday!!   


Meiju Lee 李梅如
PVCS Principal

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